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Getting started with Online Rummy, is quick and easy!
Simply click the download button which will take you to the Rummy Royal Website, let the software download onto your computer and then, simply install, using the basic steps provided. You will be given options to open your account, and to keep track of your status etc.

You can either select to play in “practice mode”, and once you feel more comfortable you can upgrade to “Real” mode, where you will be able to play and win real money.

Once you have selected what mode you are comfortable playing in, you will have the option of choosing which Rummy variant you would like to play. Choose between “Gin Rummy”, “Oklahoma”, “Traditional Rummy” and “Kaluki”.

Selection between game play is optional, choose between (Ring Tables, Round Tourneys and Elimination Tourneys). A player may change between “practice mode” and “Real mode” at anytime.


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