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Introduction To Online Omaha

Anyone looking to get into online poker or to find a fun alternative to the standard Texas hold'em game should consider Omaha. Omaha is the most popular poker game in Europe and more players every day are learning to enjoy the challenges of this community card poker game.

From Online Hold’em to Online Omaha
If you're new to online Omaha after playing online Hold’em, you will have to get used to a few slight differences. You will now be playing with four cards instead of two. It is important to know that this not only doubles the possibilities by increases them exceptionally. The same is true for your opponents.
Each Omaha hand represents six possible hands. This means, if you are facing eight opponents, you are actually up against 48 potential two card hold’em hands. You will need a very strong hand to win under these circumstances. Many online poker sites do offer guides and tips for new players.

Online Omaha From Live Omaha
If you are accustomed to playing live Omaha, it may take you a few sessions to get used to playing it online. There are no physical differences between the two, except that online Omaha is more straightforward than live Omaha.
One thing you should take advantage of when you make the move from live Omaha to online Omaha is the poker calculation programs that are available on the site. This information can be extremely useful by knowing the frequency of certain winnings and how often you may win in specific Omaha situations.

Online Omaha as a Beginner
If you are new to poker and have decided to start with online Omaha, then you have made a brave, but potentially rewarding choice. Many Omaha players, who have changed over from hold'em, have many preconceived notions about poker that can actually work against them.
As a beginner just starting to play online Omaha, you have the advantage of learning the game from scratch and this puts you in a good position to become a great Omaha player. You will improve rapidly by jut playing, watching and learning as much as you can.

Poker Tournaments

Nowadays poker tournaments are very popular, with almost every land based and online poker room offering various poker tournaments around the year. The major tournaments are televised; with many viewers tuning in to see their favourite players "at work". Read more about major poker tournaments.

ortunately as a new poker player, you won't be expected to play against the experienced players at the tournaments as most online poker rooms set up tournaments that specially cater for new players.


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