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gin rummy Gin Rummy is the most popular Rummy game. It is a two-player game. Gin Rummy is a very fast, yet exciting game, the first person to dispose of his/her cards is declared the winner! A player can also win by disposing of their cards at once, this is knowen as a "deadwood" count of 10 or less which is referred to as a "Knock". One can aslo win a game by having a deadwood count lower than a Knokers count, this is referred to as an "Undercut". Find out more about the all time classic card game of Gin Rummy.
Oklahoma rummy One of the most popular variations of Gin Rummy is Oklahoma Rummy! This is played with a single deck of cards, the first "up-card" will determine the max number of points with which the player may knock in that deal. All numbered cards are their index value, face cards are 10 points, aces are 1 etc...
There are many variations of the rules:
Find out all you need to know about Oklahoma Gin Rummy.
Kaluki Rummy Kaluki Rummy allows the use of "wild cards" and Jokers, adding excitment to the game. To be declared the winner, one needs to dispose his/her hand at one time (Hunt). Find out more about the exciting variation Kaluki Rummy.
Traditional Rummy Traditional Rummy - Although varied among the many games, all of the Rummy card games contain a certain scoring chart. The winner of a single ring game is the first player to dispose of all his cards. Traditional Rummy is based on the same structure with all the above Rummy Varients. Learn more about Traditional Rummy

Last Updated 19 April 2016
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