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The game of Rummy is an exciting experience for all players, from novice to experienced players. Rummy is a collection of skill based multiplayer card games, best played with either two or four players.

In order to win in any of the Rummy variants, a player is to dispose of all their cards. In order to do this a player picks and discards cards, while forming the “kept” cards into melds.

The player who accumulates the highest amount of points first, or the player who is the last remaining in the game without being eliminated by exceeding the target score, is declared the tournament winner. Each Rummy variant has it’s own scoring chart.

House of Rummy is one of the first websites online, bringing you the likes of online Gin, kaluki and traditional rummy. Play for fun or play for real money online and experience the ultimate online Rummy experience.

Learning to play Rummy is easy, it will only take you a few minutes of easy reading to establish the basics of the game. Read our rummy basics below which gives you all the information you need to start playing Rummy online NOW!

The objective of the game is to be the first to player to dispose of all the cards in their hand, by melding them all and laying them down on the table.

A turn begins by drawing a card from either the stock or discards pile and must end by discarding a card onto the discard pile.

Two meld types:
A set that consists of 3 or more cards ranking the same, or
A run, which consists of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit:

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How to Play Rummy