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How to be a Professional Poker Player Online

This is the era of the Internet. Everything has its online version now.

Nowadays since online casinos are becoming very popular, one can play poker via the Internet now just by sitting in his own home, any time he or she wants.

That’s the reason why modern day youths find it better to play poker online and enjoy their games just like in real games. It also offers a huge platform where people from worldwide can interact and play poker together with the help of online casinos.

Tips to play online poker:

But, some questions may strike your mind like, how to become a pro poker player? Here are some effective tips that’ll help you to become a pro poker player. This way when you become a professional, you can earn good money and earn a living too via online poker games.

  • Study the game properly – It’s highly necessary to know all aspects of poker before indulging in the big game. Never stop learning, regularly study and research to know new strategies of the game or else you’ll be left behind. Hire a coach or join some training institute too to stay regularly active and updated.

  • Prove yourself as a good player – It’s crucial that you prove yourself as a regularly winning player. Just winning a single or few games don’t mean that you’re good enough. You need to prove yourself by winning ten thousand or more cash games and tournaments to earn a position as a winning player and earn consistently from this game as a professional player.

  • Stay realistic – Another important aspect of a pro player is being realistic. Once you’re in the winning game, figure out how many hands or tournaments you need to play for matching your previous salary. At this point many people do mistakes. When you’re doing a job you’ll receive a fixed salary on a fixed date of the month.
    But here in a poker game, you’ll not get paid for poor performance or sickness or holidays. Ask yourself if you’re really ready to dedicate your 60 hours per week in this game. There are surely not much pro players who can handle this heavy work-hour and still enjoy their lives to the max. But if you don’t give a meaningful time period, you won’t succeed as a professional online poker player.

  • Try once playing poker professionally – Before committing in the big game, give it a trial run. Play poker to earn your living at least once to experience the game in real life before becoming a pro poker player online. Take one week break from your job and start playing poker continuously. See if you can concentrate after grinding 4 hours non-stop, or can you handle continuous losing during the first few days, or you can manage to play poker daily as a routine for a week. After 3-4 days, if you feel like you’re done or too tired to wake up at 7:00 am the next morning for starting a game again, then maybe it’s not your cup of tea. So take a trial must before you leap in this game for a living.

  • Be professional – Act professionally if you’re seriously taking online poker as your living. It may give you freedom from office and rules, but still, pro players always stay extremely disciplined and focused on their life as the game. Your approach to every single day playing will make impression on your play as well.

  • Have a good bankroll – Before getting in online poker games for a living, make sure you’ve all your finances in order with a big bankroll. Keep your poker bankroll separate than your living expenses. So, if things go hard, you don’t need to dip your hands into your poker bankroll.
    That’s a big “NO” in the strategy of becoming a pro poker player online. Also, your bankroll must be bigger than recreational players because you must not want to get down in stakes. Dropping down will make your goal much harder to reach. So stay always a bankroll nit.

How to play poker successfully

One should know the basics of playing poker online to master the game gradually. Generally, the type of poker that you see on TV or play at friend’s place is vastly known as No-limit Hold’em or Texas Hold’em. As the name suggests, one can put any amount of bet in this type of poker game. This poker uses a standard 52-card deck and it’s maintained in online games too.

This game involves 2-10 players on a single table. The dealer deals every player 2 cards. This circle starts with the 1st player left to the dealer and ends with the dealer himself. The 1st player gains chance to do either bet or check. If he starts the bet, then other players can do call, fold or raise according to their choices.

When everybody has done calling and all the chips are in the middle, then the 1st betting round is considered as complete. After that, the dealer deals 3 cards face-up on the board. These community cards are called the Flop and anyone can use these.

Once again the betting, calling, folding and raising are repeated all around the table. Then the dealer puts the 4th community card on the table that is called the Turn.

Again all players get chance to bet, call, fold or raise. Then the dealer puts the 5th community card on the table that is called the river. For the last time, the players get a final chance of repeating their acts.

At last, all the players expose their cards and the one with the highest ranked hand wins the pot.

You must do thorough research and do all the mathematics of probability to become a pro poker player online. Choose your acts wisely and bet within a limit.

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