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You Lucky Bastard Slot - Microgaming

You Lucky Bastard Slot LogoYou Lucky Bastard is a three-reel, one-pay line slot machine brought to you by the software development team at Microgaming.

The game is available to be played online in a limited number of casinos where it can be played for free or for real money. The free version of the game is a great idea because it enables the player to experience the game without having any of their bankroll at risk. When the time comes to earn some real wonga, you can play for denominations ranging between $0.10 and $10 per spin.

The theme of You Lucky Barstard has nothing to do with illegitimate children and everything to do with the famous bar symbols! In fact that is all you see on the symbols – bars and lot’s of them! The game is a pub style fruit machine and as such there is a special bonus feature called the Cash Ladder Game Show Bonus Feature.

If you manage to hit a three black bar symbol combination, in three consecutive spins, you qualify for the Cash Ladder Game Show Bonus Feature. Each section of the bonus feature is a rung on the ladder. Your job is to press the stop button to see where you stop on the cash ladder and what bonus you win. The game also has a great repeat feature, which is fantastic. If you are really lucky you can win a 250x multiplier and then also hit the repeat feature!

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You Lucky Bastard Slot